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Hi again guys! Sorry, it’s been a while. I got caught up with a few things this past few months and just wasn't able to write and update this blog. Hope you missed me, it feels good to be in front of the computer doing something other than checking my Facebook/Twitter timelines and other stuff that made me busy as a bee.

Just like what happened last year...Seriously, I don't know how to start feels like I hit a wall...although I did not started yet...It's like I'm singing to the tune of Bruno Mar's Lazy Song and apparently, "Today I don't feel like doing anything and I just wanna lay in my bed not because I'm lazy". Yan siguro ang mga dahilan kung bakit inabot ako ng ganito katagal bago isulat ito buti nalang di ko nakalimutan yung mga nangyari noon. Hinga muna ng malalim.. Inhale God… Exhale negative vibes… Inhale God… Exhale negative vibes....O siya siya bago pa humaba ang ang aking sinasabi eh sisimulan ko aking paguulat tungkol sa aking experience sa nakaraang WE RUN MANILA 10K last December 2, 2102 na kung saan syempre kasali ako and as well as our Running Team: Pioneers Runner.


Excited is the best adjective that describe my emotion during this chapter. The reason was, I enjoyed being part of  last WE RUN MANILA 10K 2011 despite the fact that there are negative feedback about it. I can't help but join again and never miss the opportunity to be the part of one of the best running event worldwide . Like, before any running oriented website or Facebook page in Philippines announce the date of Philippine leg Nike We Run I already knew it and I immediately informed my running buddies about it although it is still months before the event. This event will be my 7th 10km run race in which it is also my last run in the year 2012. Moreover, It(Nike We Run) is momentous for me because this is where I started way back in 2011. It also where I fell in love with running and I experienced many firsts like this is where I ran my first 10km race which is one of the reasons why I became a running enthusiast today. In addition to that, I also started blogging to immortalize my running event experiences and  got hooked to it (blogging) right away although I wasn't able to update this blog as much as I did before .  

The 2012 season of Nike’s We Run race series aims to inspire, support and connect runners around the world. These groundbreaking events will forge a new global community of athletes, who will participate in Nike’s most connected race series with innovative Nike+ technology.

We Run is focused on providing access to sport, inspiring and challenging runners to push themselves and become better athletes. And of course, Nike is dedicated to making sure that athletes have fun while they do it.

The We Run City 10K series began three years ago as an evolution of Nike’s Human Race, a global 10K held in dozens of cities around the world on a single day in 2008. That blockbuster race evolved into the We Run 10K series in 2009, and has since expanded its reach and impact. It is now Nike’s single largest race series.

The 2012 We Run series kicked off Aug. 26 in Riga, Latvia, and concludes Dec. 15 in Santiago, Chile.

Going back to the story, the registration part goes something like this, after our examination in  e-commerce my friends and I quickly flock to Mall of Asia to register. I still remember that among all of us it was Adrian who registered first(Di kasi siya nakasama samin sa  KOTR kaya babawi daw siya.bwahaha!). The sad thing about this is that my original running buddy JR Caray(we both joined Nike We Run Manila 2011) and our beloved professor Sir Seven Que who I really like to run with failed to register although he really like to join it is just destiny doesn't allow him to do so .I also encourage JJ Besa to join and luckily my persuasion works. Meanwhile, Jeremiah also encourage his batch-mates to join him and register as well for the event not knowing that his friends will eventually be part of our young team.  That's it!!! the wolf pack is ready to invade (once again once more..anoraw?!hahaha) the biggest and grandest race of the year....NIKE WE RUN MANILA 2012!!!


Another misadventure unfold...It was on the 27th of November..the weather is just fantastic..It is suitable for race pack collection...naghalf-day pa nga ako noon sa internship para makuha ko kagad ang mga racekits namin (nila Emil and Adam) and to my surprise, andami na kagad kumukuha ng racekit sa umaga(akala ko kasi maaga na yung 11am para sa pagkuha, nagkamali ako.hahaha) palang pero it was well organized like nakahiwalay yung maraming kukunin sa iisa lang and ang babait pa ng mga personnel nila and merong pang chiks(talaga lang ha.LOL) ganyan  yung inabutan ko..I just passed by and claimed our racekits and quickly rush to work not knowing that there are something delightful that the organizer store for the registered runners who will be claiming their racekits. Buti nalang kinahapunan after my internship bumalik kagad ako para samahan si Adrian kunin ang racekit niya. Well, dahil sa BGC lang din ang office namin naunahan ko si Adrian at dahil maaga ako, chineckout ko muna kung anong meron sa race pack collection tent.  

Credits to Nike Running PH
Instead of just collecting your Nike race pack, there
are some activities offered there,

Credits to Nike Running PH

  • Foot Analysis using foot scanner
  • Shoe Trialing: Test on Nike shoes and run on the treadmill
  • Treadmill Challenge: “Super Runner” badge will be stamped on your Nike Shirt
  • Nike+ Ecosystem: the crew will explain uses of Nike+ App and assist on app downloads

I also tried the latest Nike LunarGlide+ 4 Shield pack(the blue one) and took part in the Super Runner challenge and discovered better fitting shoes for my feet and eventually gaining my Super Runner badge that made me even more excited. Another perk enjoy by the runners who joined Nike We Run Manila 2012 is that they are entitled for 10% off on Nike running shoes,gears and apparel so I took the chance to buy new running shoes. I still remember na meron akong kasabay noon bumili ng sapatos at siya'y isang pulis. Nagkwentuhan pa nga kami about sa nalalapit ng Nike We Run Manila 2012 at maging sa bibilhin namin sapatos. My first choice was a regular Nike LunarEclipse 2 but when a found out that the Shield Pack is  running shoe range by Nike with a weatherproof overhaul I chose and bought a Nike LunarEclipse+ 2 Shield which I'll be using on the race day at pareho kami syempre na binili ni manong pulis at ayun kitakits nalang daw sa linggo...kaso di ko na siya nakita sa dami ng tao(bwahahaha)...


It's the first day of December at bukas race day di rin namin alam kung saan kami matutulog para sabay sabay kaming makapunta sa venue...buti nalang nagoffer si tukayong Paul Ocampo doon matulog sa kanila  and the rest is misadventure so to speak...Adrian, Emil, Jeremiah and I met at Trinoma and made our way to Meycauyan, Bulacan(So dumayo pa talaga kami para sabay-sabay makapunta sa venue.bwahahaha.that's what you call samahan.)...

Upon reaching Meycauyan, Bulacan...oh boy...turistang turista ang peg ng mga lolo our suprise...di kami sa tricycle or jeep sasakay para pumunta sa bahay nila Paul..instead..were going to ride this...
Medyo malamig na rin ang simoy ng hangin noon that's why ang sarap sumakay sa padyak...medyo comedy lang ang mga sumunod na pangyayari...naligaw kasi sila Emil at Adrian...buti nalang nakauwi pa sila ng buhay(HAHAHA!)...Actually madami ng kalokohan ang pumasok sa isip namin nila  Paul at Jeremiah kung makakauwing buhay pa sila...and after several minutes they finally arrived at Paul's crib and all of us is treated with scrumptious dinner that resulted for us to became part of EXTRA RICE INCORPORATED(Bwahahaha!)...naparami kasi kami ng kain...and right after our dinner we had a comic chit-chat and envisioned what might happen tomorrow during the race day afterwards we quickly hit the slack for us to have the necessary energy to finish strong tomorrow.


Syempre excited ang lahat kaya ang aga namin nagising noon. Actually kailangan talaga namin magising ng maaga because were coming from Meycauyan, Bulacan and NIKE WE RUN MANILA's venue will be at SM Mall of Asia..Although kahit na maaga na kaming dumating sa race village...natagalan naman kaming bumama sa tsikot...sarado pa kasi ang parking...buti nalang di naginit ulo namin...remember good things happen to those who wait...and were off...pero syempre gumamit kami ng performance enhancing drug kuno courtesy of tukayong eto yun....bale Tatlo kami nila Jeremiah at Paul ang "Doper Kuno"(Bwahahaha!)...
Credits to Nike Running PH
Meanwhile, we wait for my buddies to arrive before finally making it to the starting line...Grabe...sobrang daming tao...pero that's made me more excited for the gunstart and it seems that mas lalo akong ginanahan and its like the more natural performance enhancing drug(Tama!)...and to make the story more interesting...sisimulan ko na ang kwento and it goes like this...

Credits to Nike Running PH
Together with Paul and Jeremiah we headed to the starting line and look for a good position on these humongous mob so that we can pull away early and have a good start. Were running under the 1st wave...and the atmosphere at the starting line is something like this..

Hindi talaga mahulugang karayom sa dami ng tao. Over 13000 runners joined this event ba naman at sobrang siksikan..pakiramdam ko noon parang nasa rush hour lang sa  LRT at MRT(you know what i mean guys) and I think that my experience riding LRT and MRT during rush hour help me adapt in this kind of circumstances physically, emotionally and spiritually(Amen!hahaha)..
Credits to Nike Running PH
Meanwhile, medyo delayed rin ng kaunti yung gunstart kaya napasarap nanaman kami ng kwento nila Paul and Adam like we talked about the possibility of making it the top 100 finisher who are entitled with finishers medal and other perks..

Afterwards..I heard some familiar voices that I usually heard every time I listen to the Magic 89.9 and even watching AKTV center(di ko kasi makita nasa bandang gitna kasi kami) finally the hosts of the event, Mia Bayuga and Aaron Atayde(Magic 89.9 Jocks) started to discuss things that matter before the race starts.

Then after a couple of minutes, Coach Chappy Callanta (Program Director/Part Owner at 360 Fitness Club) led the warm up exercises to prepare us for the gunstart na hindi rin namin masyadong naisagawa ng maayos sa dami ng tao pero ayos lang kasi we already did our own warm up exercises before we even proceed at the starting line(anticipated na kasi namin na ganoon ang mangyayari.naks!). Then there goes the gunstart na syempre hinihintay ng lahat(AT LAST!hahaha)...

Credits to Nike Running PH

Credits to Nike Running PH

Drew Arellano and his running buddy took an early lead to us(nasa unahan kasi siya at kami nasa gitna feeling namin eh kaya namin siyang abutan.bwahahaha)... Medyo mahirap ang simula sa dami ng tao medyo mabagal ang start namin pero we are able to pull it off and able to overtake other runners. The atmosphere during the gunstart was like herd of gazelle running in savannah and a cheetah after them(nagmamadali kaso di makaalagwa sa dami ng tao pero nakuha parin makatakbo ng mabilis)...

Credits to Nike Running PH
Credits to Nike Running PH
The first 5 kilometers was pretty easy for us. Together with Jeremiah & I think were on the good track to finish the top 200 and our pace during that time was around 5 minuter per kilometer and we even passed by and doesn't re-hydrate at  hydration station for us to be faster. Upon reaching the Diosdado Macapagal Highway were kinda tired buti nalang nakasalubong namin si pareng Drew(kung makapare kala mo close.hahaha at hindi na namin siya maabutan kasi papunta palang kami pabalik na sila.WASAK!!!) I shout out his name to get his attention luckily he was able to acknowledge it and respond to us with his "Call Me Maybe Hand Gesture" .bwahaha. Right after that medyo bumilis na ulit takbo namin at ginanahan and we are now approaching the Uniwide Coastal Mall at para makabawi syempre this time we hydrate to quench our thirst and to also freshen up. Furthermore, di lang naman hydration station ang magpapabalik ng lakas at gana mo sa pagtakabo once you're already tired nandyan rin ang mga mobile
music booth with matching DJ's who played musics that can make you motivated and energized.

On the other hand, after making our way to the U-turn and already in our way back we saw another celebrity and this time it's Solenn Heussaff (EMMERGERD!!!.HAHAHA!♥♥♥)...

Actually its my first time to saw her in person to the point that I even shout out her name para makuha namin atensyon niya kaso di niya ata narinig. It seems that shes disoriented and haggard that moment although she still looks good kaya siguro di niya na kami napansin kahit na malakas pa yung pagkatawag namin sa kanya. Moving on, we also met Team Logan along the way and we cheered them up(GO TEAM LOGAN!!!).

Credits to Pinoy Fitness
Noong pabalik na kami at noong nakikita na naming kakaunti nalang ang tumatakbo pabalik like around Jose Diokno Blvd. up to Microtel na ata yun we thought na may chance pa kaming makapasok sa top 100 kaya kahit medyo pagod na at medyo masakit na lower extremities namin pwinersya na namin at binilisan na namin yung takbo. Around that area we also saw Coach Rio Dela Cruz(Best Wishes and Congartulations Coach!!! 2-17-2013 ♥♥♥)  biking around and checking other runners.
Credits to Pinoy Fitness

After a few moments were already at the Seaside Blvd. and finish line was sighted and already on our reach...buhos na talaga...kahit pa pakiramdam ko na kunti nalang bibigay na yung knees ko tuloy padin...from a distance akala namin na around 50 minutes pa yung oras kaso malabo na ata mata namin noon(yung totoo nasa 52-53 minutes na yun.ngarag lang siguro kami kaya lumabo na mata namin,hahaha!)..Meanwhile, after running 53 minutes my running buddy(Jeremiah) and  I finally reached the finish line. Immediately, we congratulated each other with high fives' and I think Jeremiah improved a lot since his first running event and able to ousted his previous 10k PR last Haribon Foundation's Million Hectare Challenge although we did not reach our goal during this event (making it to top 100 or sub 50 minute 10k run finish). On the other hand, here's my boys official race results..

NAME                                                     OVERALL                        NET TIME

JORGE VINCENT BALANO                   85                                      47:20
PAUL JULIOUS SAPOCO                      360                                     53:00
JEREMIAH PRELLEGERA                      362                                     53:01
EMIL RANARA                                       2147                                   1:03:44
JONATHAN ISAAC SIM                        6624                                  1:19:28
KIRBY DUAY                                         10145                                 1:33:50
ADRIAN BAUTISTA                               10324                                1:34:47
OCTAVIO SAULO                                  11242                                1:40:47
JOHN JEFFERSON BESA                      11500                                 1:43:17
ALDREN SANCHEZ                               11556                                 1:43:56

You gotta admire them not only because some of us are already achieving like making in the top 100 or set a new PR but  because they are able to go beyond their comfort zone(Although some of them got-chicked by celebrity runners like Solenn Heussaff and Michelle Madrigal) and able to proved to themselves that they can despite the fact that some of them are just first timers. Kudos guys!!!


After we reach the finish line my running buddy and I quickly proceed to the race village to get our Finishers Tee and then after we got our shirts we stroll around the race village. At first, we lined up in the photo-booth and while waiting for our turn to come we stretch each other out to alleviate the pain we felt in our lower body.

As we are now moments away from our turn we saw another celebrity chick came out from the massage booth that quickly caught my attention and it's Michelle Madrigal and I can't help but mesmerized and captivated with her alluring beauty ♥♥♥...

Then it's already our turn in the photo booth and ending up having these enthusiastic shots(talaga lang ha.LOL.HAHAHA)...

After having our shots done we now proceed to the massage booth....Ang sakit kasi ng katawan namin..kailangan sulitin ang bayad(sarap lang talagang magpamasahe..kahit walang extra service lalo na kung after mong tumakbo.bwahahaha!)...besides there are limited numbers of runner who are entitled to this service...buti nalang natapos kami kagad...

The next thing we planned to do was to find our friends and to my surprise I bump into my fellow lasallian JJ Besa(One of my role models not only because he graduated as a Summa Cum Laude but also he's a Medical student therefore I shall call him "The Running MD") who also finished his first 10k run race and so I decided to have photo-op with him....

at ang mga sumunod na pangyayari at kintampukan ng umaatikaong pagkatapos ng ilang saglit maluwahati naming nakita ang aking mga piniling manatili sa aming kinaroroonan upang manuod ng pagtatanghal ng mga banda na kinabibibilangan ng...

Credits to Nike Running PH

Alam niyo na siguro ang pambansang banda ng mga emo at mahilig magsuicide ang...CHICOSCI
Credits to Nike Running PH

Bandang kahit pang estranghero ang pangalan...pangTooth paste  TVC naman ang tugtugan!!!

Credits to Nike Running PH

at ang bandang gusto din ng lahat ngunit pag dating sa takbuhan  yung vocalist  laging kay karylle  nakasabit(shumoshowbizz lang.bwahaha!)

Credits to Nike Running PH
at syempre isa sa pinagmamalaki natin...


The concert is  hosted by Nike ambassadors Drew Arellano and Mia Bayuga that  keep the adrenaline pumping after the grueling run.

Credits to Nike Running PH

Right after watching the concert ....syempre ano pa ba ang paboritong gawin ng mga runners bukod sa paginom, pagkain at pagpapahinga...syempre ang pagpapapicture..and here's a couple of pictures of our group...

The Informatics Boys

Mga Iskolar ng Bayan

The Lasallites

The Original Pioneers

The Jubilant Pionners Runner Running Team

but wait...there's more...alam ko naman na gusto niyo rin makita ang mga litrato at official result ng mga Taartits...and here's the pictures and the results of the sought after celebrities who joined NIKE WE RUN MNL 2012...

NAME                                                     OVERALL                        NET TIME

SOLENN HEUSSAFF                          1873                                1:02:26
MICHELLE MADRIGAL                        2983                                1:06:58
ALLAN PINEDA                                     3559                                 1:08:55
BIANCA KING                                        8964                                 1:28:03
RHIAN RAMOS                                     10382                               1:35:07
KC MONTERO                                      10384                               1:35:08

Credits to Running Photographers

Solenn Heussaff together with her boyfriend...

Credits to Pinoy Fitness
                       KC Montero and Rhian Ramos...

Bianca King...

Credits to Running Photographers

Gab Valenciano...

Credits to Running Photographers

Allan Pineda AKA Apl De Ap

Credits to Running Photographers

Rovilson Fernandez(who coined the term STRONG ORANGE ARMY on the last year's installment of Nike WE RUN MANILA if you could still remember... )

It was indeed a fun-filled and successful running event thanks to NIKE and RunRio. It doesn't really matter for me if I break my PR or not, what seems to be important  is that I gained another bunch of life long running buddies. Running buddies who believes on what John Bingham said "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." ...This is just the beginning ...The best is yet to come for us....Conquering the streets of Manila ain't easy at all...We stormed Seaside Boulevard. Defied limits in Diosdado Macapagal Highway. Took it to the next level at colorway and made the city ours. It's a matter of showing the whole world that We Can!...Yes! I Can!.. I Can go the distance and owned Manila!!!


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